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I don!t know... Maybe the shower part got deleted, or maybe one of the other people in it wrote about the shower. It wasn't "juicy", it was dramaz. But i remember these folks as an example whenever someone comes on here with a "what if everyone was bi and involved with everyone else!!! Wouldn't that be sooper groooveee and stuff? Everyone could sleep in one big bed or take turns with each other in smaller beds, and no one would ever be jealous or lonely because there would always be someone around who is willing to "meet their needs" (make secksy time), even when their Primary has a headache or has to get up early."

Direct them to those threads, and they can read all about what it's like.

I think "Company", "Thunder", and "Andulvar" posted here too. Maybe one of them talked about the shower fiasco.

tl;dr If a cluster-fuck is what you want, a cluster-fuck is what you get.
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