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I realized that I had introduced my guys pretty well, but I really haven't said much about myself. Its hard for me to talk about myself, maybe because I've always been focused on other people. My focus has always been on my kids and my family, those closest to me.

I've been married twice before. The first marriage was the longest, 10 years. I had both of my daughters in this marriage, no kids in the second marriage. I married my first husband right out of high school with a baby on the way. I was young and stupid and thought we would all do a lot of growing up. I did the growing up, he did the running around and pretended he was single. By the time I married the second time I was pretty open to poly relationships but he wasn't that open. He preferred the don't ask don't tell policy which DOES NOT WORK. I can't stress that enough. He liked to do as he wished but he didn't like to think that I would be interested in someone else.

I'm 41, soon to be 42 and have two grown daughters (at least they like to think they are) One daughter is 23 the other is 21 and has two of her own. I'm currently in between jobs but worked as a bank teller for a long time. I'm also a bit of a geek. I read all the time and have my own blog devoted to book reviews.

I met Keith almost 7 years ago and we've had our ups and downs, but I am glad we've made it. He's a good man and I'm lucky to have him. We have always been interested in poly and have tried the swinger lifestyle. But I like the poly much more than just random partners. I knew that Keith was bi early on in the relationship and that that was an added bonus for me. I've always thought bi guys were hot and I have loved that aspect of our sex life. I guess that you would say that I am bi-curious as I have always been attracted to women as well as men but I've never had the experience. That side of life is difficult in small town America right in the middle of the bible belt. Maybe someday, maybe not.
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