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Side note, we actually know each other quite well, have for years, just have not been dating the full time. Unless you mean getting to know each other better in a more intimate emotional sense.
That is exactly what I mean. You may have known him for years in the role of "friend" but not very long in the role of "dating partner."

I actually did speak to him again this morning, and he clarified that the reason he was talking to me about it, was that i WOULD be part of the discussion if he considered a move, and he didnt want that to come out of left feeled but wanted me to know what was on his mind. So, it seems I kind of took the whole conversation wrong.
See? Still learning how to communicate with each other in the new relationship shape. There's going to be bumps along the way.

Could try to relax, let it unfold how it will unfold. Next time something confuses you, could ask for a clarify right then.

And if learning how to process feelings like "disappointed" is part of what can help you relax? Could spend some time working on that then.

Where do you the "disappointed" stems from? What's the trigger?

Hang in there.

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