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Originally Posted by Wifeto2 View Post
If not being able to handle the NRE is not being ok with being ignored then yes you are very much right about me not being able to handle it. I'm not just locked out of his NRE with her but everything with him.
NRE can turn people into beasts and can be very selfish, it seems like you are locked out of everything because there is very little else left in him at the moment.

Me saying I wanted a bf was not me making a threat.
Right, ok, I am glad I was wrong about that.

I am not having ANY needs being met. If they aren't able to meet my needs then I should be finding someone to meet them right?
Absolutely, but do you really think what you want is another partner? Or is what you really want is attention from your current ones? Because if it IS the latter than getting a former won't really solve your true needs.
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