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Default I had always assumed that Poly meant

and Understanding that was without any doubt a Universal Agreement otherwise know as the concept that all "poly" people supported as a basic set of values that didn't require laws or enforcement. That the core of Poly Beliefs was something that may not have always been openly discussed but always always was understood

and I had always assumed that subversion of the core beliefs was the main reason people began to disassociate and intentionally distance themselves from the word "Poly" nor have anything to do with it, and I completely understand why a person would feel the need to do so. It's become a familiar feeling, that urge to speak out and denounce "Polyamory" and what seems to be the direction it's headed due to the core beliefs being seemingly forgotten. When you witness the courage and bravery of Eagle Scouts making the honorable decision to return that part of their life to the BSA organization, because as an organization they dropped the ball in that they appeared to be confused and unaware they were lining up near the line that separates right from wrong, before the boundaries of said line was about to be revealed, but they genuinely were so blind and out of touch where they had actually chose to stand the seriously thought the were well on the right side of that line.

I do believe there is a black and white area and that there is nothing really to it, there is no mystery as to what part of the ground is white and which is black.

That when it comes to matters of Love, there are no politics period.

That by identifying yourself as polyamorous you accepted to voluntarily (as in the honor system) to not obfuscate, to not labor to confuse, to always have on goal and one goal only anytime the any action you take is in regards to LOVE, that you ALWAYS ALWAYS willingly left politics aside so that you were devoted to the goal of having people understand and not be confused.

That when it came to Love, poly people understood Why and How the ONLY responsible thing to preach when your ideals of Love didn't mesh with another's ideals of love and doing So meant to have a reverence, a respect, for any and all existence that true, honest, Love was being practiced.

That you didn't have to agree with it, but you would voluntarily allow others the due respect and autonomy to make such sacred decisions for themselves. Free from humiliation, free from belittling, but with reverence and respect.

Which meant voluntary honesty, and the practice of honesty, that all politics would be put aside and you would so that respect by practicing honesty which means giving each other the benefit of the doubt because you could be trusted at your word, and not abuse that trust but intentionally toeing the line between right and wrong because when you do that, it can no longer be said that a tiny step over crossing the line is an accident. So maybe there are no more core Poly Beliefs, but that is exactly why people have felt the need to outspokenly NOT identify themselves as poly, and that sad, because as I understood it, the core beliefs were commitments to respect other's beliefs and practices of Loving according to knowledgeable adults clearly and explicitly consenting.

That respect and a commitment to voluntary and complete practice of honesty

That, those views, were what I guess maybe I had taken for granted, to be a given among those who identify as believing or practicing Polyamorists.

but I am in a fairly foul mood upon the realization that it was wrong to assume, but that's how I was taught to treat a "Given"

So I might not be making any sense

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