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Originally Posted by london View Post
Do you understand that your issues are in your marriage. Forbidding your girlfriend to stay away is blaming her for the issues between you and your husband. He is fine with her you're fine with her, it's your marriage that is the issue. You need to have a frank discussion about that. I said before that it might mean that sex with your husband isn't something that happens frequently and your relationship with him might be about other things. He shouldn't stop you finding that elsewhere though. That's wrong. I think you both have to own up to how things actually are and not what you'd like them top be.
We have admitted that its issues between the two of us. I can understand that sex might not happen as frequently but I didn't expect to be shut out completely. It's not how we would like it to be. I understand the treatment isn't always going to be equal but I'm not getting anything. Dh and I have had many discussions about this and it always goes back to he is more worried about her feelings and needs.
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