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Default Not sure where I stand

So I posted a while back about being in a relationship with my gf and dh. Well things have only gone downhill. I gave them permission to have sex without me. I was happy for them. In the end though I have been being ignored by dh for the past few weeks and him and gf have continued to have sex. Gf and I have slowly been working towards our own relationship sexually but ultimately I am still being ignored by dh. I have been very honest and open and communicating with him about my feelings and regardless still have gotten ignored. I brought up looking for a bf because I need to have my needs met both emotionally and physically and am not. Dh freaked out said things were done with gf. And he would make a better effort to give me attention.we have talked all day the. Tonight one of the things out of his mouth was "I want to have a three way when I come home because she keeps getting ignored because we r figuring our feeling etc out." I told dh tonight that I'm done. I'm telling gf I need her to stay away and I'm done with dh. I can't ride this roller coaster of emotions anymore.

If you don't have anything productive to say or insist on being crude and crass don't respond to my thread. I can do without it right now
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