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Default Franklin Veaux is not my lover

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Yeah, I copied the link on the button in their profiles before it actually went to the search results. Wasn't sure how else to do it... those were the people you were referring to, right?

But wait, BG, even weirder - I just read a post where someone said you and Dirtclustit are the same person, and it cracked me up!

Oh, yes, indeed. That's because we ARE the same person. I admitted that a while back; I guess you missed it. You know, the whole Franklin Veaux/Dan Savage sock-puppet conservative Republican Westboro Baptist Teabag Party Sock Puppet Justin Bieber Kardashian conspiracy.

Don't you remember that? Or was that before your time?

ETA: Oh yeah - Michael Jackson and OJ Simpson too.

ETTAA: I meant the Late Michael Jackson. I keep forgetting to set the alarm.

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