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Originally Posted by gorgeouskitten View Post
has anyone had any actual LUCK on OKC? My husband finally deactivated his account he got so down about it. lol. msot recent girl got totally into him, then turned around and said poly didnt seem "safe"
I met my husband on there almost a decage ago shortly after I found it, wrote to my partner of 2+ years after seeing his profile there, and during a brief period where I turned on my profile again to copy/paste my info, my partner of now 5 months wrote to me. I'd say I've met a lot of nice people even if most of them haven't been people I've been romantically interested in, and just a few bad experiences.

Although I _think_ my other partners meet more people in person, I know my husband has met quite a number of women through there over the years, its a combo of writing a good profile that doesn't invite idiots/people who just want to screw (unless you're open to that of course), not wasting time meeting people in person who don't seem compatible (ie aren't poly or aware of it already), and pure damn luck.
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