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Hello peeps,

I hear ya. All of these posts have very valid points in them.

In response to those that feel marginalized - yes, I feel like one of them. Not on here so much, I enjoy and get alot of great ideas/ thoughts via you all, regardless of age. But, when it comes down to MEETING people, it is a much different story. Sure - I can continue having the same conversations I have on here with any age group. But what about other things, other interests, what about the divide I DO FEEL that simply cannot be erased? This is a post from a favorite blog of mine that states the same thing really well: "Community"

And -of COURSE I choose my friends carefully. There are alot of people that don't get to know my thoughts on life and my deepest fears and joys. This is excluding alot of folks. I am ok with that. In fact, I think it is healthy. And If you knew me, you would see that although I do choose carefully I have more genuine BEST friends than anyone I have ever met. They are my sisters and brothers and we protect each other. This is because I was choosy.

So - I would LOVE to have another place to go, where I felt I fit in more. Not as an exclusion to the older poly groups, but as an addition to them. REALLY REALLY badly, I want this.

And Thanks again LR -
That gave me some warm fuzzies inside

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