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Originally Posted by Polywife12 View Post
I made the biggest mistake of my life
Originally Posted by Polywife12 View Post
I don't feel like I did anything wrong either one of them but I don't have either one anymore.
Did you make the biggest mistake of your life or did you not do anything wrong? This is either you saying what you think people want to hear or your are just really unclear on what is actually going on.

Originally Posted by Polywife12 View Post
I Didn't really understand what that meant but I got back together with my ex ... I feel like it was just bad communication and he did something similar to me
It sounds like you were (and are continuing to) making assumptions about information which was critical. Knowing if your partner is ok with your having another boyfriend is a pretty critical piece of information which should have been explicit.

While these particular relationships might not be salvageable, for the sake of your future relationships I recommend doing a lot less guessing and a bit more unambiguous conversation.

Originally Posted by Polywife12 View Post
I don't know what to do with myself if I should beg the guy I was currently seeing to reconsider and explain my side of things and break up with my ex.
Only you know the answer to these questions but from my perspective, begging is a form of emotional bullying. When a person is blubbering and begging, if their target capitulates to their will it is not because their perspective has changed... but to get the blubbering baby to stop crying.

Try just being honest. Be direct. Say what you mean. Take full responsibility and authority over your feelings and actions.
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