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Default hypocrisy

So I replied to a personal ad on kijiji, women seeking women, and I was very straight up that I am married to a man and desiring a romantic relationship with a woman. I got this very confused response:

I don't understand how you expect to have a romantic relatonship with another woman while your still with your husband? Thats just setting someone up to get hurt. UNLESS your plan on having no feelings involved which is almost impossible when it's sexual, some sort of feelings will arouse.

I'm scared already of you, and I haven't even met you. I'm not to sure your what I'm looking for. I'm with someone right now, a lady. And I know it's a dead end street. She's much older then me, and I know its not who I'm meant to be with.
So I just had to comment on her hypocrisy of accusing me of setting someone up to get hurt, when she's the one posting personal ads while being in a monogamous relationship. I asked her whether her partner knows that she's seeking to replace her, or is she doing this behind her partner's back? It will be interesting to see what she has to say for herself...

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