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Originally Posted by esarati300 View Post
I do wish I had a partner for fairness, but she have no control over that
The first thing I want to point out is that life isn't fair and that polyamory is no different. The concept of fairness has no place in the real world, or your relationships.

As for what you should do, that's a tough call. Personally, I would move out, but continue the relationship (assuming you still love her and that she has interest in you, of course). However, I feel as though I don't have nearly the wealth of information and insight that you do about these people.

Regardless, more than anything, communicate. Talk to them both about how you feel and try to get a sense of the way they see the future playing out. It can be helpful to know what others foresee and expect in/of the future when determining what our place in it might be (if we have one at all).

Best of luck to you.
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