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Jesus-I remember that BG!

It seems damn near too complicated to worry myself over.

The other thing is-in my group of friends, I would say that damn near all of us are attracted to one another on a sexual level. However, we don't choose to be sexually involved for OTHER reasons that have nothing to do with attraction.

Just because I am attracted to someone doesn't mean I am going to fuck them. Likewise-just because I am bisexual doens't mean I will fuck any man and/or woman.
Furthermore-the fact that I happen to be in a poly V with two straight men doesn't mean I am straight. It means I haven't met a woman who is interested in dating me while I am in this dynamic, who I am also interested in dating, who is also a good fit for our family.

And there is the crux of the issue-even those of us who are bi and are sexually attracted to 7 people-can't seem to find 7 people we are attracted to, who are attracted to us, attracted to one another AND a good relationship fit for each of us individually and all together......
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