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Originally Posted by quila View Post
Although I will say, at least it doesn't feel like when the men come into the women's centre and say all sarcastically, "Why isn't there a MEN's centre?? We have issues too, you know" and I'm like "well what, do you need the women to start one for you??"
Snicker. This.

I personally dont feel marginalised and again probably wouldnt frequent this forum if I did. I sought out a place that was non-marginalised and open minded. And indeed one of the reasons i searched out polyamory too, as that seems to me an open-minded or at least open-people idea.

I actually only feel marginalised in my own relgion not in polyamory threads or communities, and i dont frequent BDSM places so i wouldnt know about that. But that is because most people in my religion are of the oppinion that is the only way to happiness and fufillment.
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