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Originally Posted by Ntthegrlnxtdoor View Post
. . . I can't shake the feeling that you're absolutely right about the "I won't do it again" being a smoke screen, and a way to be free from consequences. This seems to being proven true with some of the texts I've gotten this morning from him, saying that his behaviour to me happens because of my stubbornness and opinionatedness in arguments. I also got a text from her this morning that simply said, "More importantly, are you able to forgive [him]?" I think they maybe really do not realise that it's not the way you treat someone.
Yes, it sounds like how people go to confession to seek forgiveness for their transgressions and "sins," and once they get the blessing they want, and maybe a punishment or two ("say 20 Hail Mary's"), they shrug and say, "I'm only human, a sinner, I can't help it, I've done/will do my penance" -- which only means they get to do the same nasty things all over again, since they believe all they need do is keep asking for forgiveness. It's a very ingrained mindset, culturally.
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