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Well, I assume you are not chained inside your home with the kids just because you're a SAHM. Are you homeschooling, too? And just because you are a SAHM, and maybe even homeschooling, it does not mean you are never allowed to hire a babysitter so you can go and do something fun during the daytime where kids would not be involved, does it? Meet a girlfriend for lunch, have a spa day, visit a museum, go shopping, do a little sightseeing, take a pottery class, whatever. I wouldn't even think about polyamory and having additional relationships if you are not comfortable doing things like that for yourself. Not too many people, I don't think, would want to be someone's only escape from parenting duties. Potential partners would more likely enjoy being with a well-rounded person who has their own interests besides being a parent. Even a SAHM can spare a few hours for herself a few times a week, no?

There are play dates and classes you can take with the kids, but I would think it would be equally as important to find stuff for you to do without them that would allow you to stretch your wings and grow as a multi-hued and interesting human being, not solely a mother and wife, and to be able to carry on adult conversations with other adults. So, ask yourself what interests you, look up some local events, call a few friends, hire someone to babysit, and get out there!
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