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Originally Posted by LovingRadiance View Post
That was vindictive on her part-attempting to make it so that I had no ability to participate without her in my face.

So be wary of your choices and your decisions. There is a fine line between sharing the group of joint friends-and making it impossible for someone else to enjoy the shared friends without you being in the middle of it like a possessive spouse.
I would have reacted very differently to this scenario. First off, I would never be able to walk away from my community because they embrace someone I dislike. I can and have compromised for this cause many times and it always pays off (sometimes it takes a few years).

Secondly, I think it would be more vindictive to shun the person I am jealous of for my feelings of insecurity. I would get mad at my partner if their behavior made me uncomfortable with the person in question. But, I don't know your whole story and the context may be different.
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