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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
...what Marcus said, and another way of putting it is to say, "i am trying to move past this and would rather focus on enjoying myself at this event, rather than making this all about me. Maybe i could tell you my side of the story another time."
This is definitely something I will try to keep in mind. Jordan messaged me on Facebook:


Hey, I see you're coming to Chillits. I just wanna say that I want peace with you, and I have no intention of fighting or being cold to you, but I'm also not really feeling ready to casually socialize. I hope we can both have fun and relax this weekend. Is there anything I can do to help make your weekend more comfortable?

No, that sounds good to me! I appreciate the olive branch and am looking forward to a chill weekend.

Cool, see you there

This message from Jordan gives me a warm feeling to read. Reflecting on past messages from her in the same vein, and on the way things have played out, I'd like to keep my distance from her. I mean, who knows what casually socialize means. Is she going to approach me on the dancefloor to talk about her feelings? If so, I want to keep your feedback here in mind BoringGuy. "I want to focus on relaxing, and not make the weekend about myself. Can I give you my perspective on things another time?"

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