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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
I have found this forum very helpful when it comes to taking my own advice. I think i have observed (that is, i am not taking all available data into consideration) that most people who post here are looking for other people's answers. What i do is ask myself, "if i read my problem as a post by a stranger, with only this information to go by, what would *I* say to this person?"
I do this . I've been in the middle of a fight, only to realize that I'm doing something that someone here got called to the carpet on. I stop think for a minute and shift gears, while my husbands standing there trying to figure out what just happened.

Sometimes when we are immersed in the pain, drama, heartache, etc. it's easy to either get bogged down by all the small details or get so overwhelmed by the whole thing that we can't see the details. It's easier for outsiders to get past these road blocks and start asking hard questions.
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