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Is it still polyamory? Yes, if there is the potential of multiple loving relationships.
Is it fair? It's fair as long as all people involved consent to the arrangement.

The problem is, say like the guy I'm seeing, for example, his girlfriend wanted this type of arrangement but very quickly, it didn't work out. Supposing she said that she wanted to see him on Saturday and he had a date, he'd say so, simply because he wasn't prepared to lie. Or he'd say that he was busy, and she would ask doing what and he'd tell her. Now, his other option would be to cancel the date to maintain the DADT but nobody would put up with that very much so the DADT would forcibly limit his relationships. This type of thing doesn't bother some people though, but those people are usually looking for something ultra casual with absolutely no expectations or commitments. Not even sort of friend with benefits. Not even a friend would put up with being regularly ditched.

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