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Originally Posted by Aery View Post
To all this I also had a reaction to your response, as much as projecting at him that he was a manipulative controller
I can only assume that you are referring to this comment:

Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
Your biggest concern over how much time she spends with this guy is how much time she's spending with your daughter? Do you feel like this is entirely honest?

I ask, because it sounds like total bullshit to me, and that you are trying to find an excuse for your attempt to control her actions.
It sounds like bullshit so I called bullshit. He was attempting to control her actions by limiting how she could spend her time with her boyfriend and was using the kid as justification. Maybe I am incorrect but that remains to be seen.

I never made any mention of his being manipulative, you're reaching.

Is this what you think character assassination looks like? A deliberate and sustained process that aims to destroy the credibility and reputation of a person... that's what you see here? Making a judgment call based on what is presented hardly qualifies as character assassination, Aery. I'm not sure what your goal is here but unless you actually have something valid to say to me why don't you leave me out of it.

Originally Posted by Aery View Post
Nor am I aware of other dynamics since you have a long, established reputation here... just so, it's without previous prejudicial intention I was pointing out my feelings that I might expect a better show. You may be a fount of deep insights, even
Uh huh. I'm not searching for validation from you Aery, you called me out so I was trying to figure out why. It seems clear enough that you are reading something into what I wrote that isn't there, which is your issue to deal with. Use some of your impressive experience as a head shrink to figure it out.

Originally Posted by Aery View Post
We may even find agreements, and you may find a target, if you shoot a little lower than you did at Zappafreak
... as I ride a Shetland Pony. Jerome Aerdrigh
Again, I have exactly no idea what you are saying.
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