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Originally Posted by LadyKismet View Post
To him it's black and white. If you love someone else, you don't love me. And it hurts me, and it hurts him. What's the best way to get the conversation across? Any pointers?
Well, for me, I tend to go for the logical response due to my personality. I usually say that we understand people wanting more than one child, more than one pet or more than one type of favorite food. Polyamore is just another example of people wanting more than one love. Love is not a finite quantity, just the time we can spend with those we love is finite.

So if he has more than one pet or child, ask him if the second one diminished his love for the first.

However, the logical approach does not often work. Another way I try to explain it is to get the person to imagine being with two people they loved at some point in their life at the same time. Sometimes if they can relate to two loves they have had, they can grasp the idea of loving more than one person at a time.

Another is to talk about how society teaches us that we should only have one true love as LethalTender says. But we should question society's rules instead of blindly accepting them. I don;t know if this work work, but it maay work on a self-reflective type of personality.
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