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I agree with Natja on this one.

Maybe you should consider some sort of contraceptive as well as condoms with the men you are sleeping with?

My husband had a vasectomy some years ago so we did not have to worry about it until recently when he was with his gf for the first time. Now we are back to using condoms for the sake of STD's.

Also, I have only been with my bf for 3 months and he is fertile. We use condoms religiously and I have an appointment next week to get birth control (considering an IUD) because I don't want any more kids. This doesn't mean we will stop using condoms either. We will use both for STD protection as well as avoiding pregnancy.

Yes, getting the decent condoms (that don't feel like a plastic bag) are expensive, but I have always felt if you can't afford condoms you REALLY can't afford a kid.

The mentality of keeping a child based on who the father is, is a dangerous one. Take every feasible precaution.
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