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Our relationship hasn't always been this easy. Its taken a lot of hard work to get things to this point. When I first started seeing Bob, Keith knew him as their paths crossed due to work. But he really didn't know him all that well. After just a bit Keith started to be insecure and believed that I was taking things too fast with Bob and was worried that I would leave him for Bob. At his request I scaled things back. But I knew I didn't want to completely give him up, Bob had me from that first kiss. Sometimes you just know, the chemistry is perfect like love at first kiss. Anyway, needless to say there were more than a few rocky moments with me and Keith that first year.

Then in December things began to change. Me and Keith bought a house just down from where Bob owned property. When the property deal was finally done in January Bob started helping us move. He helped with renovations and even put down new flooring for us in my kitchen. And with all the time that Keith and Bob were spending together, Keith really had a chance to get to know him and Keith realized what I had been saying about what a good guy Bob is. That's when Bob started eating with us from time to time, and a few months later he moved down the street from us. Now its customary for him to be here at supper time and if he's not then its not just me that misses him.

My youngest daughter that lives close has gotten used to him being here as well. When she comes over its no surprise to her that he's here and my grandkids call him Uncle Bob (I just love that) We are not overly affectionate when others are around but I'm sure you can't help but know how we feel for each other. When my mother first realized that we had a poly relationship she questioned it but she finally came to terms with it. She just says that I'm grown and if I'm happy she's fine with it. My oldest daughter has the hardest time with it. She lives farther away so doesn't visit much. But she just opts not to talk about it. She says its my life and she won't tell me what to do but she just doesn't want to talk about it. Our neighbor I'm sure realizes our arrangement and they seem pretty tolerant as well. She asked Bob if we had a good time at the lake this weekend and seems to think that it great that we all get along. All this makes me believe there is more tolerance out there if we just give it a chance. Or maybe I'm just overly optimistic.
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