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Thank you so much for all the advice. It's nice to hear from other people who are SAHMs too.

And yes, like others said, kids can become ALL you talk about and that gets frustrating. My husband walks in the door, gets a hug and a kiss, and then a "You will not believe what SS9 and SS8 fought about today. Oh and then DS3 decided to cover himself in peanut butter and hug the dog."
Yea, it's funny for five minutes, but then.... lol

Marcus, I feel like maybe having not been in my situation, my question seemed too simplistic for you. Yes, I agree with you that whatever I discuss with my husband on dates, I could most likely transfer over to when I talk to other people. I do, after all, have friends as well.

I think what I was looking for was what I found from some other SAHMs who have "been there". Suggestions of activities, knowing that I am not limited simply because I"m not out in the work force, etc.

So this was helpful to me, even if the question may have seemed confusing.
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