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As I said,i wouldn't fluid bond with someone who doesn't want kids and I'm far from apathetic about stds. I just take a different view of it. Instead of thinking that getting one would be the worst thing in the world, I just try and get anything I can contract diagnosed as quickly as possible. That means frequent testing. Because I do slut around a bit, I test a bit more regularly than recommended. The majority of people I sleep with are also promiscuous, so a test three months ago means nothing to me. Unless it's within the last month it's pretty much irrelevant. Sex with a condom will minimise any risk.

Not having a father isn't the end of the world at all but having more people around to love you and stuff is very desirable. Fathers usually come with a family that will love their child too. I'll do my best to make sure any child I give birth to has that opportunity.
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