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Originally Posted by Natja View Post
Maybe you should consider being sterilised London? Or put off being non-monogamous until after menopause? Or maybe only sleep with men you don't mind blending genes with?
Since accidental pregnancy by the 'right' person is so important to you?

I know single parenthood isn't for everyone but if your only criteria for continuing a pregnancy is 'which man did the deed' you might end up making some pretty big mistakes.
I have a child. I am a single parent. I'm also one of the seemingly rare females who would take the guys point of view into consideration when deciding whether to continue a pregnancy or not. Generally, my basis for assessing who would be a good Co parent has little to do with the prognosis of our romantic relationship, it's about whether I think we could successfully Co parent a child.

I also said who the father is "might be instrumental". It wouldn't be a good time for me to have a baby now, it wouldn't be the end of the world but it wouldn't be great. If I knew the guy definitely didn't ever want kids, that would make it more unlikely that I would continue the pregnancy.

I hope all women wishing to have children want to conceive with the "right" person. Who'd want to conceive with the wrong person?

I use both hormonal and barrier contraception so the chances of me getting pregnant are slim. I also wouldn't fluid bond with anyone that I know I would hate to have a baby with, or definitely didn't want children but was still able to.
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