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Fair.... it was a pretty byzantine post., though not all so incomprehensible. Will parse it out better tomorrow, Marcus. It's late, and I'm pretty spent for the day, and only just read your response to me. I was attempting to respond to the gut reaction to Z's situation, like Boring-guy's and others who felt sickly reading Z's post. Whatever, it violated agreements, even social contract. As well I was expressing how Z's almost calm post felt a bit unreal, twice removed... And I wondered to myself other things, like about the intentions/actions of this other fellow? Was he roping the stray? If people don't care about honor, then I suppose they won't. Also saying nothing good comes of putting it exclusively on her as the only culpable one here.I didn't hear Z say he may have no little part in the relationship's symptomatic problem's here). Again, often as not we are unconscious of such weak spots, unless and until you've suffered through and integrated that you were blithely basing things on shaky assumptions.

To all this I also had a reaction to your response, as much as projecting at him that he was a manipulative controller, and several other things that you seem to gather from flimsiest evindence.... I'll discuss it with you at my best convenience to hash it out (as I anticipated your umbrage at my saying "character assassination." I will say, I hadn't read other posts from you before, that I recall in any way, I neither knew you or your usual style or contents of other interactions,,, Nor am I aware of other dynamics since you have a long, established reputation here... just so, it's without previous prejudicial intention I was pointing out my feelings that I might expect a better show. You may be a fount of deep insights, even. I have over 25 years psych counseling exxperience, Still I have my admitted stupidities, and sometimes can over-react or have a jaundiced eye comes to some stuff and bother.

We may even find agreements, and you may find a target, if you shoot a little lower than you did at Zappafreak
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