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Originally Posted by Linton View Post
The form of polyamory which appeals to me is a closed group marriage (about 7 people) in a co-housing community.

The kind of issues / problems / conflicts / unexpected things (not necessarily negative) / misunderstandings which interest me are internal community issues (e.g. interpersonal relations within the community or arranging community space), not external ones (e.g. relations with relatives, job problems).

The usual difficulties they describe are: A. (A bit of) jealousy because not all members are sexually attracted to each other B. fails when dating outside the group C. being bored when it's not your turn tonight

However, these are not the difficulties which would arise in a closed group bi/gay/lesbian marriage.
Why wouldn't they? Is everyone in this very hypothetical situation of yours from the planet Vulcan?

There used to be a group of seven people who were on here for a brief period of time, they were all supposedly involved with each other, men and women, and six out of the seven were paired off as "primary couples". The only thing I remember because it was so, well, amusing to me, is that one time, two of them got mad at the rest because the other five took a group shower while the two were at work or asleep or something, then another one of the guys flipped out and almost killed or injured some of the others. Then the posts abruptly stopped. Let me look it up for you. It's a fun read:

Here is a link to a search on the one who posted first and probably the most.

That should keep you out of trouble for a few hours. You can figure it out from here.
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