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Default I guess I should write one. . .

Hello, anyone who reads this!

I'm a 22 year old male from central Ohio, and I've been polyamorous for about 2 years. I'm involved in a group of people that has grown from 4 members into something big and weblike. I finally became polyamorous after reading Sex at Dawn and doing some research on realistic options. Shortly thereafter, I introduced the idea to 2 very close friends of mine (one male one female), one of whom (the guy) introduced it to his 'girlfriend'. It's been about a year and a half; the four of us are all very close, and we've each branched out a little on our own. We are all relatively new to this and do hit occasional speed bumps, but it's been a sweet ride so far. As for me specifically, I'm currently in love with four people: the three others in the original group and one other. Of these four, I'm sexually involved with three of them (the other male in the original group and I are both straight, so our love goes un-consummated ).
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