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Originally Posted by Malfunktions View Post
OP has designated the no kids talk on dates because I'd imagine its all they discuss at home. It's the same way here. Crux gets home and darn near gets a play by play of the days activities, LOL.
No doubt that's true. Might need something to jump start the system to get out of that line of thinking. Like, have a date night where you race go carts or some other adventure. If the OP isn't into adrenaline, maybe something which requires precision and focus like golf or pool.

If activities are not your bag then sit down together and watch the same TV program or read each other a book.

Seriously though, if not talking about the days events is the goal then you need to come up with some new events... otherwise you're just staring at each other *thinking* about the days events and not allowed to talk about them.
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