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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
For the record, if people who feel marginalized want to start their own forum, or whatever, then so be it... I just want them to have a voice and a platform with which to speak.
I'm not sure who these marginalized people are supposed to be, but this whole thread reminds me of whenever my professors give the class lectures about being responsible students (homework on time, etc), when most of the irresponsible students are skipping the lecture anyway... IOW, if they feel so marginalized, chances are they've already left the forum and aren't here to see the thread.

As for starting one's own forum because one feels marginalized, it seems to perpetuate the problem. Although I will say, at least it doesn't feel like when the men come into the women's centre and say all sarcastically, "Why isn't there a MEN's centre?? We have issues too, you know" and I'm like "well what, do you need the women to start one for you??"
I do not need a label to define me. Labels are sticky and I hate the glue they leave behind.
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