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As a SAHM myself I can 100% relate to your situation. I started life as a non-monogamous being straight out of the gates and had tried for years off and on to be mono. Then one day Crux and I's life changed. Pregnant. We were mono for 6 years until I realized I didn't even know who I was anymore. I felt segregated to the mommy life and had a need for time off from them. Even Crux said i was more than welcome to go out and have friends but i didnt.
After discovering this site I determined I was poly. I love Crux dearly and he's been so good with all of this. I am much happier and balanced now I find because I am making new attachments that keep me in the real world not just in mommy land. My children are and always will be número UNO in my books but now I have a reason to hit the coffee shops to gab with new friends and dates to go on.
It's really been paramount, this discovery.

Hope this helps
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