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Originally Posted by Dagferi View Post
Adding more people to a relationship already on shaky ground usually ends badly.
I once wrote an entry about the logistics of duct tape and relationships.
Here's the ghist using a canoe to represent the relationship:

Canoe gets a crack. Do you
A) layer on the duct tape or
B) spend the countless meticulous hours slathering the crack with polymer and fibreglass then buffing, sanding and buffing and sanding some more?

Personally, I'll always pick the messyness of correction not the quickness of a patch. By adding people to hurting equations it's just, therefore, adding a more sparse field to spread the issue over. When stretched enough a spiders web with tear and break.

Moral of the story?
Leave the duct tape to the quick headlight fix and spend the time correcting relationships! They are certainly not a dime a dozen,at least not where I live...
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