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I have been a sahm for years. It actually has the benefit of allowing me to be more real with myself, my life and my potential dates.

I also have a "no kid talk" rule during dates with hubby.
It's a chance for us to DATE again-instead of focus on our job as parents.

I don't think being a sahm has to be a negative or a positive thing regarding poly. It does mean you need to be AWARE and actually PLAN to go do things without the kids.

I have a rule for myself, I don't date people who haven't already become "friends of the family" anyway. Until I know that they are on par as friends, can understand and personally accept my dedication to my kids, and my partners-they aren't an option as someone for me to date.
My kids are my world, so people need to be able to be kid-friendly before dating me would be realistic.
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