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Originally Posted by gorgeouskitten View Post
see, id love even a 60/40 (spouses/us) time split, and we have no where near that. like i said, pretty much 6 hours a week if you go down to hours (im saying this for conversation sake, i dont nit pick every hour we spend together) so since i cant get more time, id like a little more talk. I have an anxious attachment style (if you read and are in to that kind ofthing) you cant so much change, as try not to drive your partners crazy.
That's where being with someone who is mono comes in handy. I am Murf's only partner so I get the lion's share of his free time. He works a crappy shift. One week he works Sun,Wed,Thurs. The following week Mon,Tue,Fri and Sat. 12 hour shifts. 6p to 6a. On his days off during the week I will spend a night overnight. On his weekend off I am with him Friday to Monday. If my husband is off work I go solo. If he is working then the boys come along. Since it's summer I get more time with him since no one has school to worry about. Murf also comes to spend the night here. I do not have to worry about someone else's schedule. Murf has never been married and has no children. Lives by himself owns his own house.

I just came home from an overnight visit with my kids. This weekend Butch is off so we get a weekend to ourselves. Only once every 6 weeks does their schedules line up. My husband gets the his days off when Murf is working to see whomever he is seeing at the time.
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In a V relationship with an average 60/40 split of time. Only due to Murf's and Butch's crappy work schedules.
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