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I really liked the remarks by Pepper. We've, through the years, at long intervals lived pretty mono sorts of lives, what with schedules, many moves to far places, raising children, what not, and it wasn't so awful. What helped overall was developing a vital-for-us authenticity about our desires/fantasies... Nourishing our intimate life... Hey I came from the early Jurassic Park period of Open/Poly relationships, involved in SF/Marin/Bay Area poly-community... starting with Deborah Anapol's "Intinet" get-togethers/poly potlucks and picnics. I'd bumbled along in various relationships, finding each partner's and mine tendencies towards non-exclusiveness. Yet more, it's been about the quality in relationship(s) over whatever form, and growing, things like making a home, family time, sharing and going through difficulties of all sorts, different friendships, separate things, adventures, good connection, even good arguments... together... I find having other involvements and the intensities all 'round are something I can't shake... But these other dimensions stay...
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