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Question Question about career choice or lack thereof

I see a lot of threads (been looking around all day, thanks!) where people talk about doing the work to get over your own issues, let go of things, and grow and mature. To do that I think a big part is having your own interests, your own life.

While I feel I have a life and many interests, a lot of those revolve around being in my home. I'm a stay-at-home-mom. I worked for 14 years and then when I was pregnant I quit my job to be home with my child and with my stepkids. I've been a SAHM for nearly four years now. I love it. Wouldn't change a thing.

But how do you think that plays into the "finding yourself" and discovering your own interests and such? Most of my life revolves around the kids, but I have other things I enjoy too of course. And hubby and I have a rule that on date nights with each other we don't talk about the kids.

How do you think being a SAHM and being in a rather small world of mostly my house would factor into this lifestyle? Just curious for varying opinions. Thanks!
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