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Yeah, people's lives do get hectic/busy/situationally/interpersonally complex. All understandable... Nobody need explain... I do sometimes get to wondering what face to put on different sorts of fluxing ebbs and flows in making acquaintance! Somedays Pam and I are feeling expansive; all-inviting... other times withdrawn... Things can and do change... For a few days this just-forming, Central Coast area poly networking seemed to gather steam, anyway. Still looking forward to meeting. Talking on a forum vs face-to face can almost be off-putting. IMHO, a less formal conversation allows a better flow of exchange. I know how off-putting it can seem to explain nuances and nuances of nuances both in writing and in person... Both ways can be seductive too. without a back and forth (ie: little red flag bits like, are seeking a relationship on the rebound? come to mind here). Attempting to give and elicit context @ this and that, or being able to make digressions and see things in all dimensions, on the fly, is not helped when only one party speaks too... as well, one learns more about what's what through seeing both the lights inside and shadows... On these forums one tends to only read the "rules of engagement" s more than say. the look in the eyes discussing their fantasies, hopes, disappointments and how they subtly brush a wisp of hair from their face.

All this is to say, we aren't pulling away from the notion of meeting y'all.
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