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Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
You really might want to find someone who has the high octane need for constant attention that you do.
I agree with Marcus.

Your constant need for attention would push people like me away. I do not need to share every little bit of my life with someone. My boyfriend is like me thank whomever your deity of choice is. We do touch base daily with each other but most days it is a few quick text messages before he heads into work. Sometimes it is just a quick i love you text and I wont hear from him for 24 hours. But then again we do get a lot of time together face to face. I do have about as close to a 50/50 time split between my men as I can get with Murf 's schedule.

My husband can be an emotional vampire. He needs to talk about every little itty Bitty thing. It drives me insane. I actually love it when he is in nre with someone because I get some peace and quiet. I love the man but damn can he talk. And he loves to BS with people.
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