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Originally Posted by london View Post
. You have to acknowledge that he needs something different to you too, though, and that means sticking to not being in contact every single day, all day. Every other day sounds reasonable to me. You also have to accept that often, it might be just a short message of acknowledgement rather than a full conversation. Compromise on both sides.
Well we do have minimal interaction every day, we work together. so we have at least 5-10 minutes a day for the hi how are yous. i guess i desire a little more than that, at least a 30 min convo every couple days, or more so before a long time apart (like next week). I restle with really wantign my guys as co-primaries, if we were to use labels, because i could interact and associate with him on the same level as my spouse but that isnt really where we are at right now
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