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Default Difficulties and unexpected things in Polyamory -- everything except jealousy


The form of polyamory which appeals to me is a closed group marriage (about 7 people) in a co-housing community.

The kind of issues / problems / conflicts / unexpected things (not necessarily negative) / misunderstandings which interest me are internal community issues (e.g. interpersonal relations within the community or arranging community space), not external ones (e.g. relations with relatives, job problems).

Suppose the community consists of people who are all sexually attracted to each other (the community is either all-bi or all-gay or all-lesbian) and totally unjealous. Have any of you lived in such a community? Please share your experiences.

One of the best articles I found on the subject is

Problems #10, 9, 7, 6, 4, 3, 2, 1 don't apply here.

Problem #8 is something I've already thought about. I hope someone will write more detailedly on this topic here.

#5 is a humorous one but it brings to attention whether members get more joy from sex in duos (forming "couples" for one or more nights) or from sex in gangbangs (forming trios / sleeping all together). (Remember in my model all members are sexually attrackted to each other.)

I've been reading several life stories and blogs, and all of them are either by a member of a hetero group (e.g. a straight woman living with two straight men) or by a member of a hetero/bi group (e.g. 2 bi women and 1 straight men). The usual difficulties they describe are: A. (A bit of) jealousy because not all members are sexually attracted to each other B. fails when dating outside the group C. being bored when it's not your turn tonight

However, these are not the difficulties which would arise in a closed group bi/gay/lesbian marriage.

I would like people here to share their thoughts and experiences.
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