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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
They have these things called "paternity tests" where you compare the blood type and/or DNA of your kid and you and all the guys you fucked during that ovulation cycle, and it will tell you which one got you knocked up.

This not-knowing-who-the-babby-daddy-is can happen to monogamous people too, by the way.
A paternity test can only take place a significant way through the pregnancy and the procedure also causes risks to the pregnancy. Who the father is might be instrumental in my decision to continue the pregnancy and ideally, I'd like their input. I'm nice like that, see. If I got pregnant now, I'd have to wait until at least 16/40 before I could determine who the father was, more like 20/40, and then I'd have to endure them injecting a drug into the fetus to stop it's heart beating and then the ordeal of the fetus being expelled from my vagina after going through what is pretty much labour. The thought of that is not appealing. If I was going to terminate a pregnancy, I'd prefer to do it as early as possible (preferable before 9/40) so I could minimise the amount of medical intervention I have.

This wouldn't have happened to me when I had monogamous relationships because I either slept with nobody, or one person at a time. Definitely, one person per ovulation cycle anyway.
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