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Originally Posted by london View Post
You don't meet for a coffee before you do an internet search launching yourself into someone's personal business? I really object to people being so intrusive.
One of the great things about life is everyone has their own comfort levels. I respect your opinions.
No, I don't meet for coffee first. And I am very upfront about the fact that I will do a search before meeting. I am also upfront about honesty being a priority. If anyone is uncomfortable about those, they are free to move on and save us both time.

That said, I am so busy with my current life, I'm not looking for anyone additional to date for the foreseeable future.

Redirecting back to the topic of the thread...

Originally Posted by Marcus View Post
You mentioned earlier that he was "slinging shots" at you. What does this mean?
He appeared indignant, and messaged in a manner that was accusatory how he never questioned specific relationships that I had told him about. Instead of recoiling, I simply reaffirmed that if he ever has any questions or concerns, that he is encouraged to bring them up when they occur, or later/again if needed for his comfort. I am honest and fully truthful in that regard. Honesty and timely communication goes a long way to preventing lingering fears and hurts.

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