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I consider that a "like", not a "need".

Some people aren't into talking for talking's sake just to "have a connection". Perhaps texting? You can pick up the text and send one back whenever, & don't have to drop what you're doing and break your focus and re-focus over and over. Some people can't function optimally like that, it fucks up their shit when they get into something and get interrupted.

I don't know him, i don't know you. But if this is a very important priority in order to be in a relationship with someone, you need to either reevaluate whether this is a relationship you want to sustain anyway because the good things are worth overlooking this, or reevaluate your priorities. You probably won't get him to change, even if he gives in to your request, you won't feel fulfilled bythose phone conversations if he's not into them of his own enthusiasm.
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