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Default pitocin is manufactured oxytocin

and perhaps whoever wrote all of those illegitimate, fabricated findings supposedly related to oxytocin, which cause Uterine contraction and mammary glands to dump it's contents of milk (and I have a suspicion may also cause a gall bladder to dump it's contents) but aside from that, all other research I have come across is complete and utter bullshit. And any grammarian should recognize the words parturition (grammarian speak for delivery) and they will also now the difference between the months OCT and CST.

They will also recognize the difference between contractile, contraction, and contracture

And they without a doubt know the four elements of a contractual relationship:
offer, acceptance, consideration, and breach of a contract

all clearly written out in those ugly olive green books with golden letters and highlights

nothing to do with you london, but the oxytocin fiasco goes far beyond publishing fabricated research results. So I really should have just left this one alone as I sure nobody here knows what the hell I am talking about. But I am not being responsible if I don't make at least an attempt to explain it.
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