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Default Am I expecting 'too much' conversation?

Ok, so sorry i've posted a lot but im still new to this and working out all the kinks (no pun intended, the kink parts work great. haha.) BF and I have been together a few months, we both say I love you and really enjoy our time together, which is usually one night from like 6 to 10pm and one other night for an hour or so. We have just very very recently added the occasional weekend day or over night (we are both married, as a refresher).

So here's my thing, I feel like we are at a place in our relationship where we would at least speak daily, tel each other whats on our minds, what we have going on, or just discuss current events. We actually work together, but time to speak is limited to 5-10 minutes, and lunches have been more rare lately. So im feeling like we need t owork in phone calls, or texts, or something during the day where we can talk a little more just to have that connection. But then I wonder, is this not how poly works? Should I be happy with the time we have, and then expect my husband to fill in (to the best hecan) all my other needs? Like, its ok i barely talked to BF yesterday, because I had a good convo with hubs last night? Im hesitant to raise this with BF because hes very protective of his time, but I think its a reasonable relationship need.
What do you all think?
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