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Originally Posted by GroundedSpirit View Post
So when I see such talk and proposals as you've spoken of here, i.e. the Under 35 group of polys and what 'entrance criteria' there should be (the questionnaire you mentioned etc) I just shudder. Think there's any chance of 'marginalizing' anyone else here? Is this a competition or retaliation ? Etc etc YIIKKEEESSSSSSSS
Even if I was in the designated target group - no thanks !
JUST TO BE CLEAR AGAIN, since people seem to be forming opinions about a particular group's policies without the actual information about what the group's policies are, this is a group that is AIMED at 18-35 year olds, BUT OPEN TO ALL WHO ARE OVER 18. The "entrance criteria" being mentioned are two VERY BROAD QUESTIONS that are NOT age specific or designed to weed out people of one culture or another.

It is not uncommon for online forum communities to require questions when joining. The biggest purpose of such practices is to weed out spammers, who usually won't bother to spam a board if they have to do that much to join it. The other purpose of it is to be INTENTIONAL about the kind of community that's being build on that specific forum.

Again, that is NOT the same as being exclusive.

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