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Nerves. Family dinner in a couple of hours. Ocean and his parents. Me. Grotto. Menrva & Bert.

We haven't directly told his parents that this is the "meet the partners" dinner. I really wanted to tell them in advance. I think I'd be less on edge if I knew that they knew. Ocean agreed that we should tell them, but he said that Menrva was retiscent about it in case his parents were uncomfortable at the dinner... He still had to talk with her more about this today. There hasn't been time to plan this gently in advance... mmm...

In retrospect, we should have just asked his parents directly: "Do you want to meet our other partners?" I feel a bit shit about foisting this upon them. They know we're going out to dinner with friends, but not who the friends are. I mean, it's cool. It's cool. I'm just... nervy. I think it would be less awkward if they knew what the fuck was going on.

Menrva was keen to have a meal with Ocean's parents while they were here. So we sheduled a time so everyone could make it. Logistics done - but some prep obviously unfinished.

Grotto's nervous too. He's having a pre-drink before dinner. Ah... easy, boy.

He's happy this is happening though. I was surprised at how much it affected him, really... I guess he's been this hidden person, and it's a relief not to be that anymore. Something he said while we were chatting yesterday:

grotto: i feel pretty good about it, i think even if it hadn't gone well i kind of would in a way cos it's like, bridge burned
i dunno, i kind of feel like more of a real person
it's just good to have stuff acknowledged
as like, a real part of our lives

Ocean & I are from a subcontinental background so it's been an effort for us to maintain connection with our parents' culture, whilst growing up in a quite different culture. We're both value the fact that we're close friends with our families, but up to now we've haven't been open with our parents about having other relationships.

Yesterday was a big step. Tonight feels like an even bigger one.

I'm scared...

... This is somehow more intense than just telling them.

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